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3 Nov 2020

NewVikings November 2020 - VikingHolstein

With the November proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our line-up! See the VikingHolstein bulls below.

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more

VH Borre

gNTM + 29 genomic

VH Bahrain x Bookem x D Oscar

Are you aiming to achieve higher production and better daughter fertility? Do you want functional udders on your cows? Then have a close look at VH Borre.

VH Borre has impressive breeding values for production with high volume and especially high solids with index 122 in Fat kg and index 118 in Protein kg. High producing cows that at the same time will show excellent fertility and be easy to breed back.

You will get functionality in conformation with medium-sized daughters and udders that are built for AMS milking systems with perfect teat placement, big teat size and in good balance. In addition to this, a fast milking speed at index 119.

VH Borre will provide you with:

  • Medium-sized cows with a high level of production in milk and solids
  • Excellent daughter fertility
  • Functionality in conformation—built for AMS milking systems

The dam of VH Borre is an older cow with five years of production average at 13,000 kg milk with 4.39% fat and 3.57% protein and classified VG89. Her dam is a VG86 D Oscar daughter with more than 14,600 kg milk in yearly average production.

VH Borre is born at the herd of Rasmus Kildal in Grenaa, Denmark.

X-Vik sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: AB

VH Benny

gNTM +40 genomic

VH Bueno x VH Lomee x VH Jolly

If one of your everyday struggles are poor hoof health and health in general and you think the Holstein cows are getting too big, then VH Benny is the choice for you.

Having daughters of VH Benny in your herd will ensure you an improved level of Hoof health (124) and General health (119). It will also give you higher production from high solids and less volume.

VH Benny's daughters will milk 34 kg fat and 9 kg protein on average more from 500 kg less milk in 305 days.

You will get small efficient VikingHolstein cows, good in Saved feed (104). VH Benny's daughters will have a high lifetime production and good daily profit per cow, supporting a sustainable production in your herd.

VH Benny will give you:

  • Efficient and healthy cows
  • Natural health in hooves and in general
  • Smaller cows with high lifetime production from solids

VH Benny's dam is a VH Lomee (VH Leo) daughter that has now been producing for one year with a production of 10,000 kg milk and 4.92% fat and 3.98% protein.

Her dam is an VH Jolly (D Jul) daughter just calved for the 6th time and with more than 50,000 kg in lifetime production so far.

VH Benny is born at the herd of Ejvind Olesen in Northwest part of Denmark.

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: BB

VH Heat PP

gNTM +27 genomic

Hotspot P x VH Comxa P x Powerball

Striving to attain healthier hooves, easier calvings and a higher production? Do you like calm, easy managed animals that you don't even have to de-horn? Then VH Heat PP is the solution in your herd.

VH Heat PP profile combines strong natural Hoof health (113) with easy calvings - Calving maternal (110) and a good production level with more milk and higher solids – Production index (118).

He breeds medium-sized cows with nicely attached udders with a good balance. The daughters are easy managed with Milking speed (114) and a calm Temperament (113).

As the name indicates, VH Heat PP is a homozygotic polled bull which means 100% of his offspring will be without horns.

VH Heat PP will give you:

  • Naturally healthy cows with easy calvings
  • High solid production from medium-sized cows
  • Easy managed cows with fast milking speed
  • 100% polled offspring

The dam of VH Heat PP is a VH Comxa P daughter with a production in 277 days at more than 10,000 kg milk and 4.17% fat and 3.56% protein and classified VG87.

Her dam is a high-producing VG85 Powerball daughter with more than 15,000 kg in average.

VH Heat PP is breed at the herd of Soren Ernst Madsen in Tirsvad, Denmark.

X-Vik sexed semen is available.

Beta casein: A2/A2     Kappa casein: BB

Meet the bulls

Join Senior Breeding Manager Claus Langdahl as he shows you some of our very best VikingHolstein bulls. In this video, he takes you to meet VH Borre, VH Nader, VH Benny and a few other of our top bulls appearing in the November 2020 Index Run. Watch Claus’ update and find out how the new bulls can help you breed healthy and efficient Holstein cows.

Want to know more? Send us a message and we will get back to you