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2 May 2023 - NewVikings May 2023

The best new VikingJersey sires

VJ Husum

gNTM +22

(VJ Hamulus x VJ Powell x VJ Hoj)

If sustainability plays a part in your breeding program, then have a closer look at the new VikingJersey top bull, VJ Husum.

VJ Husum breeds healthy, efficient, and long-living cows with high milk solid production. He will improve your herd’s fertility, udder health, feed efficiency, hoof health and longevity, along with milk solids production.

His daughters will be a little taller than average, with steep foot angels and very shallow udders with correct teat size and placement. They also offer good workability, as they are easy to milk and work with.

With VJ Husum, you get cows with:

  • High solids production - especially protein
  • Good feed efficiency
  • Exceptional udder health

VJ Husum is the only son of VJ Hamulus (a VJ Hamlet son) in the VikingJersey program. He is from the VikingEmbryo project, out of a dam from the Nr. Haugaard Jersey herd, in Hjorring, Denmark.

Kappa Casein: AB      Beta Casein: A2A2      

JH1 Free         JNS Free         Triple aAa: 516

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VJ Husum New sires VikingJersey NewVikings

VJ Rost P

gNTM +22

(VJ Rosen P x VJ Nibali x VJ Perez)

Are you looking for polled genetics, very high milk solid production, health, and good functional type? Then have a closer look at VJ Rost P, the new polled outcross from VikingJersey.

VJ Rost P will give you cows that produce lots of milk solids with very high percentages, good persistency, exceptional health, and Longevity. 

His daughters are slightly taller than average, with lots of dairyness, steep foot angles, very shallow udders, and ideal teat size. 

VJ Rost P breeds for

  • Excellent health traits
  • Good udder depth
  • Ideal teat size

VJ Rost P has an interesting pedigree coming from several North American bulls, where his black colour originates. He is bred in the VikingEmbryo program, out of a heifer from Torben Goltermann Hansen, Fjeldsted, Denmark.

Kappa Casein: BB      Beta Casein: A2A2     Polled: Pp

JH1 Free         JNS Free         aAa 561

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VJ Rost P New sires VikingJersey NewVikings


gNTM +11

(VJ Waskiv P x VJ Hays x VJ Link)

If more polled animals are part of your strategy, then VJ MBA PP is the homozygous polled bull you need.

VJ MBA PP breeds 100% polled offspring with exceptional fertility, health traits, and a very good type. He is also a breed leader for persistency and hoof health.  

His daughters will be of average stature, with very strong and correct feet and legs, and have shallow, strongly attached udders.

Use VJ MBA PP to get:

  • Exceptional daughter fertility
  • Exceptional hoof health
  • Polled offspring

VJ MBA PP is our first VJ Waskiv P son to be marketed. His dam is “Grand Nilliére Hays Raviolie”, owned and bred by the Gaborit family, in Maulévrier, France; she is still in early first lactation and yet to be classified.

Kappa Casein: AB      Beta Casein: A2A2     Polled: PP

JH1 Free         JNS Free

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VJ MBA PP New sires VikingJersey NewVikings

The Best New VikingJersey Sires

Meet the new top VikingJersey bulls ❗ Join Senior Breeding Manager Peter Larson at the bull barn in Denmark as he presents the NewVikings sires from VikingJersey.

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