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7 Feb 2023 - NewVikings February 2023

The best new VikingRed sires

VR Frape P

gNTM +30

(VR Fuzzy P x VR Happy x VR Baxer)

VR Frape P is the ideal choice for breeders who aim for functional cows with low feed requirements without sacrificing production.

With functional traits, such as good fertility and health, outstanding hoof health, and positive calving traits combined with great longevity, VR Frape P offers a long-term solution for your herd.

At the same time, VR Frape P delivers high production with good milk percentages. The daughters will be the below-average size and have excellent feet and legs and a strong udder ligament.

How VR Frape P can contribute to your herd:

  • Good fertility and hoof health
  • High production with good percentages
  • Excellent feet and legs and strong udders

The dam of VR Frape P is at the end of her third lactation and has produced an average of 840 kg of dry matter and 9,600 kg of milk over 3.2 years, with a fat percentage of 4.56 % and a protein percentage of 4.16 %.

Strong feet and legs in the cow family can be seen in the dam's classification score of VG88 and the great grand dam's score of EX96. The dam's best lactation, 305 days in her second lactation, produced 997 kg of dry matter and 11,169 kg of milk, with a fat percentage of 4.71 % and a protein percentage of 4.22 %.

Breeder: William Lönnkvist, Finland.

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: AB

Bull profile
NewVikings VikingRed VR Frape P

VR Folki

gNTM +21

(VR Fidello x VR Sotiisi x VR Aatami)

If you're dealing with health issues in your herd, VR Folki could be the solution you're looking for.

VR Folki provides daughters with a strong health profile and good young stock survival rates. Cows will have a long productive life. The daughters will have increased milk volume and are fast milking, with a flat lactation curve. They will be of average size with parallel legs from the back and udders that are well-suited for robot milking.

Key points to expect from VR Folki cows are:

  • Milk volume
  • Strong health profile
  • High survival rates

The grand dam of VR Folki was flushed, and VikingGenetics purchased all the embryos, including the dam of VR Folki. The dam became a donor in the VikingEmbryo project and produced two full brothers, VR Folki and VR Ferbie.

Over 1.6 years, the dam produced an average of 11,600 kg milk and 1,002 kg dry matter, with an impressive fat percentage of 4.07 % and protein of 4.55 %. Despite her stature of only 138 cm, she was classified with scores of 79-83-83-82, demonstrating that small cows can also be high milk producers. In her first 305-day lactation, she produced 11,752 kg of milk and 994 kg of dry matter, with fat 3.81 % and 4.65 % protein.

Breeder: VikingGenetics.

Beta Casein: A1/A2 Kappa Casein: AA

Bull profile
NewVikings VikingRed VR Folki

VR Viski

gNTM +27

(VR Vilperi x VR Wonder x VR Baxer)

Are you facing health problems and low fertility rates in your herd? VR Viski has a great fertility and health profile. His daughters will have exceptional udder health.

Additionally, VR Viski contributes to high milk production with high fat and protein content. The daughters of VR Viski are easy to calve, long-living, and above average in size. They will have parallel legs and superior udders with great front udder attachment and depth.

Expect the following from VR Viski's daughters:

  • Exceptional fertility and health
  • High milk production with good solids
  • Easy calvings and long-living cows

The dam of VR Viski was flushed as a heifer. The grand dam produced on average 10,700 kg of milk and 893 kg of dry matter in her lactations. Her best 305-day production was 12,400 kg of milk and 1047 kg of dry matter.

Breeder: Tila Lammasahon, Finland.

Beta Casein: A2/A2 Kappa Casein: AA

Bull profile
NewVikings VikingRed VR Viski

Meet the sires

Join Senior Breeding Manager Jakob Lykke Voergaard for a tour at the bull barn in Denmark.

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