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14 Aug 2020

NewVikings August 2020


With the August proof run we reveal new and interesting bulls available in our line-up! See the VikingJersey bulls below.

*Please note that the bulls are subject to availability, contact your local distributor to find out more.

VJ Nibiru

gNTM +27
(VJ Nibali x VJ Gislev x VJ Pick)

If you are focusing on high daily profit per cow, then you should definitely take a look at the new VikingJersey top bull, VJ Nibiru. 

He will give you high production of milk solids, excellent fertility, health and superior udders.VJ Nibiru is among the VikingJersey breed leaders for production of solids. Breeding value for kg protein is at 117 and 115 for kgs of fat. VJ Nibiru has very positive breeding values for fertility (106), udder health (111), general health (109), longevity (105) and he is a conformation improver as well. 
VJ Nibiru breeds nice open ripped daughters with good body capacity, a little taller than average. Udders will be well attached, both in front and at rear. Ligament will be strong, and udders will be very shallow (116). Placement of teats is good, and the teat size is optimal. 

The dam of VJ Nibiru is “Nr. Haugaard Gislev Gitte”, EX93. This dam was enrolled in the VikingEmbryo program and has been flushed several times. She has been milking for 171 days: 3,675 kg milk with 5.55 % fat and 4.41 % protein. MGD is scored VG86 and she has an annual production average of 7,050 kg milk with 6.60 % fat and 4.67 % protein. 

VJ Nibiru is our first and only son of VJ Nibali. VJ Nibali (gNTM +21) is a VJ Hitman son out of a VJ Link daughter. VJ Nibiru will be outcross to all North American pedigrees.  

The breeder of VJ Nibiru is VG/Nr. Haugaard Jerseys, Hjorring, Denmark. From another Nr. Haugaard cow family you will find the top bull VJ Bernal.

Kappa Casein: BB         Beta Casein: A2A2        JH1 Free
VJ Nibiru

VJ Bernal

gNTM +23
(VJ Hirts x VJ Gislev x VJ Roman)   

Are you looking for an outcross bull that will boost the sustainability of your herd? Then go for VJ Bernal. 

VJ Bernal is breeding superior udder health (121), longevity (114), and udders (126) along with good type and high production of milk solids. 
VJ Bernal daughters will be tall open ripped cows with extremely well attached and shallow udders (126). Have a look at the nice linears, you will love to milk daughters like this.

VJ Bernal is our first and only VJ Hirts son. VJ Hirts (gNTM +14) is a son of VJ Haley. VJ Bernal is an outcross to most other Jersey pedigrees worldwide.

The dam of VJ Bernal, “Nr. Haugaard Gislev Gry” has just ended her first production year with 10,256 kg milk with 5.29 % fat and 4.09 % protein. In 305 days, she produced more than 8,600 kg milk. A younger brother by VJ Higher, at the same high NTM level, has just started semen production. 

The breeder of VJ Bernal is Nr. Haugaard Jerseys, Hjorring, Denmark. From another Nr. Haugaard cow family you will find the top bull VJ Nibiru.

Cappa Casein: BB         Beta Casein: A2/A2       JH1 Free           Triple aAa: 162  

VJ Haiko

gNTM +21
(VJ Hawk x VJ Livius x VJ Hihl)

Are you focusing on high production of milk solids, good health, workability and udders in a new interesting pedigree? Then take a close look at VJ Haiko.

VJ Haiko is combining good production of milk solids with great udder health (112). VJ Haiko daughters are expected to be tall stylish open-ribbed cows. Udders will be very shallow (116) and rear udders will be high and wide. Also note that both milkability and temperament are very positive – cows that are easy to work with.
VJ Haiko is our first and only son of VJ Hawk. VJ Hawk (gNTM +13) being a VJ Haley out of a Topeka daughter. VJ Haiko will fit well with most International Jersey pedigrees. 

The dam of VJ Haiko “Ottosminde Livius Katie” ended her first 305-day production with 7,425 kg milk with 6.27 % fat and 4.45 % protein. Breeder of VJ Haiko is Ottosminde Jerseys, owned by Karsten Petersen, Sakskobing, Denmark. 

Beta Casein: A2A2        Cappa Casein: BB                JH1: Free        Triple aAa: 543
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