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2 Nov 2022 - November Proofs

Top Sires

VR Vesty

gNTM +36 genomic

(VR Vimo x VR Froberg x VR Crone)

Are you aiming for high production combined with good udders, milking speed, and udder health? VR Vesty is a bull that can make substantial improvements in your herd. 

VR Vesty transmits superior production. He increases the fat and protein percentages in the milk while increasing the milk volume. 

The production traits are complemented by good udder confirmation, high milking speed, and good udder health. His daughters have good maternal calving and longevity. He's suitable to be used on heifers.  

The daughters after VR Vesty will have:

  • A large frame
  • Parallel rear legs
  • Larger teats

VR Vesty's pedigree runs with great genetics. His grand dam was flushed twice, this resulted in VR Vesty's dam and VR Wild which today is a proven sire with NTM +16. The dam was also flushed twice, which gave VR Vesty. The great grand dam has also given a bull to VikingGenetics.

The dam is milking in her third lactation and has on average, in three years, given 12,687 kg of milk with 1,079 kg of dry matter. In her second lactation, she classified 87-88-83-87. The grand dam is in her fourth lactation. In the second lactation of 305 days, she gave 947 kg of dry matter with 4.86 % fat and 3.74 % protein. She was classified 90-81-91-90.     

The breeder is Nita and Jakob Gade, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AB

In picture: VR Vesty dam 

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Proofleaders VikingRed VR Vesty dam

VR Vimo

NTM +33 proven

(VR Viljar x Rockstar x R Fastrup)

Are you looking for a bull that can give you good-looking cows with high fertility? In that case, you definitely need to use VR Vimo. 

VR Vimo gives you cows with high stature, a strong body, and excellent udders. At the same time, you also get a good production with superior fat content. The daughters have good metabolic feed efficiency, meaning they convert the feed into milk efficiently. They also have good fertility, youngstock survival, udder health, maternal calving, and temperament. 

The daughters after VR Vimo will have:

  • A large frame
  • Steep foot angle
  • Good udder depth

VR Vimo is an example of what happens when the best genetics from multiple countries are mixed. His sire, VR Viljar from Finland, has given the breeding programme good sons. The MGS Rockstar is one of the best Canadian bulls, and his grandsire is the legendary Swedish Peterslund. VR Vimo's great grandsire is the Danish bull R Fastrup, who has sired many super cows the farmers have been very satisfied with.

VR Vimo has passed these good genetics to the next generation. He has sired five sons already. The genomic proofleader VR Vesty is after VR Vimo.

VR Vimo’s dam is probably the best Rockstar cow in the world. She milked for 6.20 years and was a great-looking cow (86-86-89-89) with high production and amazing components. On average, she produced 1,049 kg of dry matter with over 11,700 kg of milk with 5.08 % fat and 3.87 % protein. She was flushed one time as a heifer. VikingGenetics bought a VR Wookie heifer from that flush and later a VR Ferrero heifer from her. 

The breeder is Stakkehavegård, Denmark.

Beta Casein: A2/A2    Kappa Casein: AA

VR Vimo has X-Vik™ sexed semen available.

In the picture: VR Vimo daughter from Bøgeskovgaard, Denmark

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Proofleaders VikingRed VR Vimo daughter

The Best VikingRed Sires - November 2022

Meet the father and son who are the top VikingRed bulls! Join Senior Breeding Manager Jakob Lykke Voergaard for a tour at the bull barn in Denmark. He presents the genomic and proven proofleaders from VikingRed. 

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