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3 Nov 2021

VikingBeef Proofs November 2021

Here we present two VikingBeef bulls suitable for beef on dairy. They have very good NBDI (Nordic Beef on Dairy Index) values. When beef bulls are used on Dairy cows, the most important trait is Calving ease, then comes Calf viability and then the Growth potential. Both selected sires here are very popular for use on dairy cows due to their good genetic traits.

VB Onero

VB Onero is a Charolais, and even if we don’t have any slaughter data of his offspring yet, he has been widely used for beef on dairy. He has Calving ease of 103 and a Calf survival of 101, and the calves look very promising.

VB Onero is available as both conventional and Y-Vik sexed semen.

He was bred in Sweden by Sven-Olof Hägg.

NAV bull profile:
VB Onero

VB Nito

This Danish Blue bull has all the qualities you are looking for in beef on dairy sire A Calving ease index of 108 across all breeds, with a 90% reliability and then a Growth index for the long growth period of 117 with a total NBDI 24. This makes VB Nito an absolute top bull for beef on dairy use.

When using the Danish Blue bulls you will get a short gestation length, and for VB Nito the average gestation length is 278 days. He is pure white by colour, which means that all his offspring will have blue roan colour that makes them easy to spot in a large pen of calves.

He is available with both conventional and Y-Vik sexed semen.

VB Nito is bred in Denmark by Preben Madsen and was born in 2017.

NAV Bull profile:
VB Nito

Top VikingBeef bulls - November 2021

Meet the top VikingBeef bulls! Join Breeding Manager Reni Hvam Nielsen for a tour at the bull barn in Denmark. She presents two top sires from VikingBeef.

💎 VB Onero

💎 VB Nito