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18 Sep 2018 - Assentoft, Denmark

VikingGenetics launches a third subsidiary, this time in Germany

The Nordic cattle breeding company VikingGenetics is proud to announce the launch of a new model of business in Germany with the official opening of a new subsidiary, VikingGenetics Deutschland (VGDE).

“The new subsidiary company is an important piece in our global growth strategy. We truly believe in
the potential of the German market. German dairymen are recognised worldwide for their dedication in
the dairy industry and when it comes to selecting for healthy and high producing cows they want to be
number one. This is what VikingGenetics can help them with,” says David Stenkær Ravnkilde, Head of
Business Development at VikingGenetics.

VikingGenetics Deutschland is the third subsidiary company founded by VikingGenetics following
Australia (VGAU) in 2010, and the United Kingdom (VGUK) in 2017. As has been the case with VGUK
and VGAU, the new subsidiary in Germany is a high-priority business for VikingGenetics, and can count
on an excellent team to meet demand in the field.

Udo Carstensen will head the VikingGenetics Deutschland team. He was born on a dairy farm and has
plenty of experience in sales in the dairy cattle breeding industry. “I am looking forward to putting my
knowledge into practice with a company that strives to help dairy farmers succeed in their dairy
business,” Carstensen says. “I prefer cows with lower costs and higher revenue. At VikingGenetics,
we have the best solutions to offer farmers,” he adds.

The aim, according to Stenkær Ravnkilde, is to rapidly strengthen the team to provide better coverage
service of the German market. “We welcome Udo Carstensen as a key member of the VikingGenetics
family. He shares our passion for breeding for healthy and productive cows and will head the team that
we are in the process of assembling to grow and develop our presence in Germany.”
Breeding for what truly matters

VikingGenetics has over 30 years’ experience in breeding for healthy and productive cows, which can
easily be seen in European Union statistics where VikingGenetics countries – Denmark, Finland and
Sweden – have the lowest use of antibiotics and lead the way in milk production. These facts have led
VikingGenetics to become one of the leading cattle breeding companies in Europe and the world with
its three dairy breeds: VikingHolstein, VikingJersey, and VikingRed.

These breeds are already well known in Germany because of their many different advantages for
commercial dairies. “Dairy farmers in Germany have already seen the benefits of VikingGenetics´
breeding solutions with their presence in Germany through our distributors. The addition of a
VikingGenetics office in the country makes for an upgraded approach,” Stenkær Ravnkilde says.

VikingGenetics Deutschland will be the distributor for VikingHolstein and VikingRed, while ST genetics
will continue to provide VikingJersey.

VGDE will also play an important role in the distribution of ProCROSS, the only scientifically proven crossbreeding system in the world, where VikingHolstein and VikingRed are part of the crossbreeding system.

“VikingGenetics consider the German market to be a very high priority in order to continue to expand the ProCROSS programme,” Ravnkilde, confirms.