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It’s time to breed a brighter future

How do you make your herd the most profitable and sustainable in the long run? Work together with our advisors to make the best genetics decisions for your herd’s future.

It’s time to make the future your friend

How can you build a herd that performs optimally in terms of production and use of resources? A herd that will secure your income and become a solid foundation for your dairy business?

An efficient and profitable herd means a more balanced lifestyle with more time for other things. Better economic prospects will make your daily efforts worthwhile. Move towards the future with confidence.

Breeding solutions for sustainable dairy farming

Benefit from trouble-free and easy-going cows with a high lifetime production of milk and solids. Select the high genetic merit sires for your dairy herd.

You get cows that live long and last long, making your dairy business profitable, sustainable and enjoyable.

VikingHolstein: Resilient, medium-sized cows that are feed-efficient and produce high levels of milk and solids

VikingJersey: Purebred, medium-sized cows that produce milk containing the highest levels of fat and protein percentages

VikingRed: Naturally healthy cows with the highest production of milk and solids for red cows

ProCROSS: The proven crossbreeding programme for intensive dairy production

VikingGoldenCross: The profitable crossbreeding solution for pasture-based production

Full support in making a genetic strategy for your herd

Work side by side with our advisors to develop your herd’s genetic strategy. Secure your licence to produce, optimise your costs and improve the profitability of your dairy business.

The world has put dairy farmers and cows under the magnifying glass. How our food is produced has never been under so much scrutiny from governments, media and consumers.

With a package of products and solutions from VikingGenetics and the full support from our team and partners, you get to make the best decisions for your herd's future.


Take care of every step in creating the future of your herd

Our advisors help you define your goals and identify which solutions can best support your strategy. We support you in meeting the demands for sustainable dairy farming:

  • Genomic test of females - assess your herd’s genetic level and make more accurate decisions
  • Sexed semen – optimise the genetic progress in your herd. Achieve improved health and easier calvings. Lower your impact on the climate by breeding the optimal number of replacement heifers
  • Beef-on-dairy – breed healthy, fast-growing crossbred calves with higher slaughter value than dairy bull calves
  • Select the high-merit bulls to sustain a high level of milk production Lower the use of antibiotics and hormones to match your herd’s unique goals
  • VikMate - create tailor-made mating plans with a clear direction, aligned with your herd’s breeding goals

Take care of every step in creating the future of your herd with the 4-step strategy. It's a simple process in which we guide you through all the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

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